2011~ Current Founder of Triumph Global Martial Arts Academy

2018 May Committed Friends & Sponsors of Tae Kwon Do Clubs Agreement       w/ Grand Master Jay Keyver (Canada/Germany)

2017 Hosted Global Culture Exchange program w/ K-Tigers collaboration Tae Kwon Do Association from South Korea (committed brotherhood Tae Kwon Do Clubs w/ six schools)

2014/2015 Bullying prevention Class for FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) American teen students career organization

2014 February Committed Sisterhood Tae Kwon Do Club with Iron Tiger Tae Kwon Do in Australia

2014 October Committed Collaboration with Un's Dragon Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts in USA

2009 ~ 2011 Head Instructor in WCTKD (Clayton,NC) Cardio Kickboxing Trainer at Bayer Crop Science Company in RTP Center    

2005 ~ 2009 Mu Han Martial Arts TKD Class Instructor (Attleboro, MA)   

2007 ~ 2008 Elementary School TKD class Head Instructor (Attleboro, MA)

  • Studley Elementary School 
  • Hill-Roberts Elementary School
  • Willett Elementary School
  • Thacher Elementary School
  • Hyman Fine Elementary School

2002 ~ 2003 Personal Security for the CEO of Samsung-SDI (Seoul, South Korea)

2000 ~ 2002 Head TKD Instructor South Korean Army 602nd Transportation Unit 

1999 ~ 2000 T.K.D. Instructor Yoodae Academy | PU-Chun, South Korea (in collaboration with Yong-In University)

Certificates and Awards     

  • 2017 Award of Appreciation by K-Tigers collaboration Tae Kwon Do Schools Association (five schools involved from South Korea)
  • 2014 Certificate of Commendation at the 1st Korean Ambassador's Cup KORUS TKD Championship in Washington D.C
  • 2014 Award of Appreciation by President of KTAM at WCT TKD Championship in Maryland
  • 2013 Letter of Appreciation at Chapel Hill Open International TKD Festival   
  • 2013 Award of Appreciation at Holly Springs Open TKD Championship
  • 2009/2016 Letter of Commendation by World T.K.D. Head Quarters Kukkiwon
  • 2007  Most dedicated Instructor award at Muhan Martial Arts

4th Dan Black belt 


Master Michael Graham


3rd Dan Black Belt


Instructor Heather Banks


3rd Dan Black belt                   Sr. Instructor Mr. Steve Lee


3rd Dan Black belt                   Sr. Instructor Manuel Vasconzelos